We are deeply sorry.
As Kingdomcoin team, we had a great project and a great start plan.

We would like to explain to you what really happened yesterday.

As Kingdom Coin KCG, we created our smart contract and pre-sale website with the help of Iryna K. @kharynarinapro

Iryna K. had planned our entire pre-sale process and coding. However, the day we went to PancakeSwap, Smart Contract failed.
Both airdrop and token purchase system did not work. We have proof that Iryna K. has done this deliberately.

In fact, she is a scammer and hher aim was to deceive us and you.
Please review all transaction movements carefully.

Iryna K. deliberately scammed us to switch to PancakeSwap when the Presale was over! And today by taking ownership of the Token, she also drew all the liquidity.

We are giving all of her contact information to you.

This is the person who ruined our project, unfortunately destroyed all our efforts and deceived you and us.


Scammer Freelancer IRYNA K. Wallet

Scammer Iryna K. Phone number
+34 602 877 903